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DES-100Damper End Switch


DES-100: The damper position switch is a mechanically activated electrical switch which provides accurate and reliable indication of damper blade position. Unlike standard limit switches which only indicate damper drive linkage position, the position switch is mounted directly on the main damper drive axle or on an auxiliary axle off of an indirectly driven blade. This assures true damper blade position indication.
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PSR SeriesLight Sensor


PSR Series: The PSR-1 is a Light Sensitive Resistor that may be used as an input to indicate the presence of light at the sensor location. The PSR-1-T is a PSR-1 coupled with a B420-P transmitter.
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LPI SeriesLoop Powered Indicator


LPI Series: LPI-1 loop powered indicators with large 3-1/2 digit LCD are designed to display any 4 to 20mA signal directly in the engineering units of the measured media. The display is powered directly by the measured 4 to 20mA signal so there is no need for a power supply.
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 LY2N SeriesGeneral Purpose Relays


LY2N Series: The LY2N series industrial relays in conjunction with the PTF08A-E base can be used for a wide range of commercial or industrial applications.
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WD100 SeriesWater Detector
 Current version:
Old version:
WD100 Series: The WD100 is a microchip-based device that uses gold-plated sensing probes to detect the presence of water or other conductive liquid. The WD100 is powered by an AC or DC source, 14 - 30 volts. It features normally open and normally closed (form C) relay contacts rated at 5A @ 120 VAC/30 VDC for connection to a monitoring system, or direct control of another device. The mounting legs will allow a sensing height adjustment from 0" to 1/2". The WD100 is designed to signal an alarm if one or more of the three conditions are met: water is detected, power is lost to the unit, or if there is an internal failure. The WD100 provides the highest level of water detection confidence.
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Power Supplies

Regulated DC Power Supplies

                                        PS1002                  PS124F

 24 VAC input/DC outputs, adjustable voltage outputs and fuse protected.
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