Why Greystone

With all the choices in the marketplace today, Greystone must provide products and services that exceed our customers expectations.

Greystone’s vision is to design and manufacture a wide range of high quality sensing, measurement and transmittal of data products related to temperature, humidity, pressure, current, air quality and hazardous gases.

Greystone’s vision is realized through dedication and rigid adherence to quality standards (ISO9001), exemplary service provided to our customers, the genuine pride we take in our work and Greystone’s continued quest to advance the state of the industry through research and development.

1) Greystone’s Market Focus

  • Over 30 years designing, manufacturing and supplying HVAC sensors and transmitters
  • 100% of Greystone’s sales volume is HVAC sensors and transmitters
  • Greystone HVAC sensors and transmitters are listed by the foremost engineering companies worldwide as their specification standard

2) Greystone’s Quality

  • Greystone has over 20 years with an ISO9001 Certified Quality Assurance program
  • 100% product testing is done by Greystone prior to shipping to the customer
  • Greystone strives for a zero percent failure rate both in production and customer applications
  • Due to Greystone’s confidence in our design, manufacturing and testing procedures, Greystone offers a warranty of 60 months (5 years)
  • Greystone meets or exceeds all industry standards for HVAC sensors and transmitters

3) Greystone’s R & D

  • All Greystone products are designed & tested in house
  • The latest design tools are used for both hardware and software development
  • All product designs utilize the highest quality sensors and components

4) Greystone’s Manufacturing

  • All Greystone products are manufactured in North America
  • All Greystone products are manufactured in our own facility which allows for 100% control over the manufacturing process, quality control and product delivery
  • Greystone produces all of circuit boards in house with the latest technology in surface mount and thru-hole equipment
  • Every circuit board Greystone manufactures goes through electronic QA inspection stations which inspects every component, the alignment and solder joints assuring zero defects due to human error
  • All Greystone’s calibration and testing standards are NIST traceable

5) Greystone’s Customer Focus

  • All Greystone’s sales people have technical backgrounds and have over 300 combined years of industry experience
  • Greystone provides in-house product technical support and installation assistance to our customers worldwide
  • Greystone offers a state of the art online buying site
  • Greystone’s website has complete information on our company, our facilities, our people, our standards, complete product information specification and installation notes
  • Greystone offers custom design services to our customers to meet custom applications