About Bemsiq

On September 29th, 2021, Greystone Energy Systems Inc. and our international subsidiaries were acquired by Bemsiq. Bemsiq is a group of innovative and fast-growing companies providing products in building automation and metering. The group is operating in Europe, North America, The Middle East and Asia, with the ambition to build the most comprehensive portfolio of products within the smart buildings market.

The companies operate both independently and together as a group. In a truly smart building, you will most probably find products from several of the companies within Bemsiq. The primary customer segment is system integrators, using the products to design energy and cost-efficient solutions for their customers. The products developed and sold by the companies in the Bemsiq group are used in a wide range of building applications enabling increased smartness and/or increased environmental performance.

The companies operate on a stand-alone basis. Bemsiq functions as the shared platform for growth, realizing synergies across the companies where they are possible and logical. Bemsiq has high growth ambitions, both organically and through acquisition. Bemsiq is a separate business area within Investment AB Latour, a Swedish mixed investment company quoted on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm Large Cap list.


Today, buildings are responsible for approximately 40 percent of the energy consumption and CO2 emissions globally. Our mission at Bemsiq is to accelerate the journey toward smart and green buildings as the leading provider of technology and products for sensing, measuring and connecting.

The accelerating pace of global urbanization and the increasing number of megacities have led to several new and increasing challenges for cities, putting pressure on the ecosystem and surrounding functions.

At the same time, technology development continues to advance faster than ever, creating new possibilities to tackle the challenges of the world. Smart cities try to adopt these technologies in order to improve life and services of its inhabitants and visitors. Building automation and metering are key elements in making the cities and the buildings of the future smart.

Several technologies are developing rapidly: traditional building automation systems are digitalized at an accelerated pace, and wireless technologies enable easy installation of a large number of communicating sensors and meters. This will lead to a rapid increase in data availability; a treasure trove for advanced analytics to support energy management.

In the long run, Bemsiq firmly believes that digitalized and energy efficient buildings will become a future standard and our ambition is to take an active part in making this a reality.

What we do

Bemsiq is a leading global smart buildings company focused on two business segments: Building Automation and Metering.

Customers: Building automation system integrators, HVAC OEMs.
Offering: Sensors, transmitters, room controllers.
Offices: Canada, Denmark, Dubai, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA.

Customers: Energy companies, property owners, IMD companies, system integrators, service providers.
Offering: Gateways, communication modules, IoT sensors and associated software/services.
Offices: Germany, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA.