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 ISO 9000 Quality Management System


Today, more than ever, there is a worldwide trend towards increasingly stringent customer expectations regarding quality. A single worldwide standard was needed to simplify international standards. The result: The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) This gave rise to ISO. Located in Switzerland, ISO is the specialized international agency for standardization and the source of ISO 9000 (Quality Management System). Established in 1947, it is an association of approximately 149 National Standards Bodies which each represent their own country. ISO 9000 has become synonymous with quality. ISO 9000 translates “quality management” into a continuously improving process designed to meet or exceed customer and regulatory requirements.

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Greystone is proud of having our Quality Management Program certified under the ISO9000 standards for over 25 years. In 1993, Greystone initiated the #1 priority… manufacture a quality approved product that a customer can install and feel confident on reliability Greystone undertook the task of having our Quality Management System certified under ISO 9000. In January 1994, Greystone’s system was approved and certified….But it didn’t end there. Over the past 25 years Greystone has continually upgraded and refined our Quality Management Program in order to accommodate the ever changing technology that has allowed us to enhance our existing and develop new and innovative products for our customers. Greystone has established a reputation as a manufacturer dedicated to maintaining an exemplary adherence to Quality Management Standards. Greystone’s quality system is audited annually by an outside agency in order to maintain certification. Greystone’s Quality Management System provides tangible evidence of product reliability and conformity with our customer’s requirements.