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EUP SERIES : Ultra Low Pressure Transmitter

  • 6 pressure ranges
  • Ranges between 0.1”WC and 0.4”WC (25 Pa and 100 Pa)
  • Polycarbonate enclosure with hinged and gasketed cover

The EUP can be used to measure positive, negative or differential pressure in the ranges of 25 Pa to 100 Pa and 0.1”wc to 0.4”wc. The pressure sensor technology is based on thermal flow measurement of gas through a micro-flow channel within the
sensor chip, which results in superior sensitivity for ultra low pressures. The device features field selectable current or voltage output signal types and can be set for unidirectional or bidirectional pressure measurements for the most flexible
application. The output signal is factory calibrated and temperature compensated for highest start-up accuracy and trouble-free operation. Typical HVAC applications include monitoring of filter differential, room or building pressure. The EUP is housed
in a polycarbonate enclosure with a hinged and gasketed cover for ease of installation.

AVAILABLE FOR ORDER October 31st, 2019

SHIPPING November 15th, 2019
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TSBTA SERIES : Button Temperature Sensor

  • Precision Thermistor or RTD sensing elements
  • Paintable housing for easily concealed sensor
  • Various wire types and lengths

The TSBTA is a button style flush-mount Thermistor and RTD wall sensor that provides precision room temperature sensing for building automation systems. The TSBTA Series drastically decreases the footprint of the traditional box sensor so that it becomes virtually invisible once it is painted to match the decor. The active sensing element is made of a highly stable, precision thermistor material or platinum RTD. This design is intended for interior use only and is bonded to a plastic paintable housing.

AVAILABLE FOR ORDER October 31st, 2019

SHIPPING November 15th, 2019
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DP – 3VB SERIES : Differential Pressure Transmitter with Valve Bracket

  • Pipe-to-pipe 3-valve manifold
  • Armoured cable
  • Switch selectable uni or bi-directional
  • Hinged polycarbonate weatherproof enclosure

The differential pressure transmitter includes a pipe-to-pipe 3-valve manifold. The manifold consists of two isolation (block) valves and an equalizer valve. The 3-valve manifold assembly simplifies installation, allows easy service without disruption of the process and reduces costs when compared to using individual components. The differential pressure transmitter is designed with dual remote sensors that enable it to accept high  pressure in several ranges up to 500 PSI, 30 Bar or 3000 kPa. All models can handle overload pressure 2X and burst pressure 20X the maximum full scale range. Features include field selectable pressure ranges and output signal types, output reversal and slow damping, port swapping and bidirectional measurements for the most flexible applications. The pressure transmitter is fully factory calibrated and temperature compensated for the highest start-up accuracy.

AVAILABLE October 4th 2019
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TN SERIES : Network Temperature Sensors

  • Precision NTC Thermistor
  • BACnet® or Modbus Communication
  • Several configurations
  • Compact ABS Enclosure

The TN series network temperature sensors utilizes a precision NTC thermistors and transmitter with either BACnet® or Modbus communication which can be interfaced with a computerized monitoring or control system.

A wide variety of configurations are available such as:

  • Duct/Immersion Sensor
  • Duct Averaging Sensor
  • Strap-on Sensor
  • Outside Sensor
  • Flying Lead
  • Glass Sensor

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PMRMC SERIES : Particulate Matter Sensor

  • Laser scatter method field replaceable sensor
  • Tri-color LED indicating particulate matter levels
  • Analog, BACnet® or Modbus communication

The PMRMC Particulate Matter (PM) Sensor uses an optical sensor based on laser scattering principles and features innovative contamination resistance technology to perform highly accurate and reliable PM measurements. The replaceable sensor measures particles of PM2.5 and PM10, with a continuous operation lifetime of more than 8 years. The sensor will provide long-term reliability and high resolution particle size binning for the detection of environmental dust and other particles.

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GH SERIES : Greenhouse / Horticulture

  • Temperature, Humidity, Carbon Dioxide
  • Replaceable sensor pods
  • Weatherproof enclosure
  • Analog, BACnet® or Modbus

The GH Series Greenhouse/Horticulture sensor is designed for a greenhouse or indoor grow facility to monitor and allow control for optimum plant growing conditions. The GH Series is available in 2 models; Temperature & Humidity or Temperature, Humidity & Carbon Dioxide. The GH Series utilizes a highly accurate and reliable dual-channel, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor to monitor CO2, a precision thermistor to monitor temperature and a thermoset polymer based capacitance sensor to measure humidity levels. All sensors are encapsulated in filtered sensor pods that are field replaceable. Features include an LCD for configuration and visual indication, various output signal types, optional relays for alarm indication. An IP65 rated enclosure that can be either wall mounted on suspend from the ceiling is provided to protect against moisture penetration.


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CP SERIES : Condensation Prevention Sensor

  • Direct pipe or wall mounting
  • 24 vac/dc
  • Relay output
  • LED indication
  • Adjustable trip level

The CP Series Condensation Prevention sensor uses a field-proven RH sensor combined with a tightly-coupled precision thermistor to provide early warning of condensing conditions in chilled beam / ceiling applications and prevent “indoor rain” condensation. The sensor can also be used in any heating, ventilation or air conditioning application to where condensation must be avoided.


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NEW : DP Series
Differential Pressure Transmitter


  • FT-6 or Armoured cable available in different lengths
  • Switch selectable uni or bi-directional
  • Hinged Polycarbonate weatherproof enclosure

NEW : ELP Series
Low Pressure Transmitter


  • Ranges available: 1” though 20”, 250 through 5000 Pa
  • Two jumper selectable ranges per model
  • Jumper selectable current or voltage output
  • Polycarbonate enclosure with hinged and gasketed cover

DSD SERIES : Duct Smoke Detector

  • 4-Wire Photoelectric, integrated low-flow technology
  • Low flow air velocity rating from 100 to 4000 FPM
  • Plug-in sensor offers superb false alarm immunity and the latest sensor technology
  • 24 VAC/DC or 120/240 VAC operation
  • Two SPDT Form-C relay contacts
  • Easy and quick mounting to round or rectangular ducts
  • One easy-access Test/Reset button and improved LED status
  • Patented sampling tube installs with no tools required
  • cULus and FM Approved


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